Leisure Travel Services

With Sutra.my, there’s always a reason to travel. You can find something that matches your desires right here. We’re always finding ways to ensure your money takes you all that further with exciting new discoveries and options.


  • Romantic Gateways

    Looking for more than diamonds and flowers in romance. Casablanca is not the only place to experience it. We’ll introduce you to a host of getaway packages with all the splendor that will simply melt your heart. Cozy accommodations, fine dinning, chandeliers and soft music. We’ll present it to you just the way you want it.

  • Family Vacations

    Yes, we know how hard it can be for you. Pleasing everyone in the family when you go on a trip isn’t the most coveted of tasks for anyone. But let’s face it, family always comes first and a trip is just the thing you may be needing right now. Don’t make it a drag for yourself, we have loads of packages and we’re sure there’s one for you no matter how big your family may be.

  • Adventure Vacations

    Fancy some adrenalin pumping action? Bungee jumping, wreck diving, hang-gliding, rock climbing? Or prefer something a little more challenging? Then try us. We may have just the right thing to blow your mind away. Plus, we’ll give it to you neat, without any watering down.

  • Sporting Event Packages

    Want to hit two birds with a stone. Make that trip a little more exciting by getting your hands on those tickets. We’ll work around your sporting events to make your trip all that more meaningful. So you won’t miss that game, and, you won’t miss everything else that comes with a great holiday.

  • Spring Break Packages for Families and Students

    Thinking of somewhere to go for spring? Then let us give you something that’s “out of the box.” Leave it up to us and you’re bound to find a package that will not only promise you a fulfilling getaway, it will save you the hours of hairsplitting research and deliberation.

  • Educational and Cultural

    Traveling certainly widens the horizons. But if you want to take it up a notch, we can do it for you. Whatever your reverence; history, culture, geography, anthropology or even science, you can put us on the job. We want you to get the most out your travels. We’ll help you make an educated decision.


  • Travel Insurance

    With the possibility of traveling to high-risk areas and in the wake of dangerous circumstances or political upheavals, you want a travel expert who knows what to do. Because that assurance is certainly crucial to anyone. Set your mind at ease and let us have that part of your travel sorted for you. We know peace of mind is important. And you need to get first hand information before you embark on anything.

  • Visa Services

    With varying policies for each country, we know it’s hard to be abreast with  each and every Visa requirement for the places you wish to travel to. Put us to the task of having your Visa effectively managed and save yourself the hassle. Our systems are geared to monitor recent updates and policy changes throughout the world.

  • Money Exchange

    We know when it comes to exchanging money, the possibilities are endless in exposing yourself to scams and untoward situations. Be safe and let us inform you of the proper and safe way to go about it. We may even advise you on what to look out for when it comes to money exchange in the destination you intend to go to.

  • Halal Food

    Sensitivities towards religion are often the norm in most places, however, it’s always good to know what to expect and where to go with regard to your requirements. We can help you with that and point you to the right places. It’s our job to ensure your travel is as comfortable as you might expect.

  • Tour Guide

    Whether it’s a company affair, closed group or even family trip, a tour guide adds all that more meaning to your travel in ensuring you are truly immersed and educated in what’s around you. Needless to say, having a tour guide can be totally gratifying. However, your needs may be specific in terms of locations, time and various other considerations. Give us your specifications and we will get together something that caters to, or is closest to your needs.

  • Translators

    Whether it’s a business meeting or having over a dignitary, you’ll want to get it right. We’ll engage a professional to help you put your words across in the right manner. You could also have a translator engaged for your own personal needs throughout your trip.

  • Entertainment Tickets

    A concert, a game, a dinner show or even a car race? Have it all managed without the jostling and arm twisting. Whatever you’re intending to go for, chances are our network of partners can have it ready for you. Just make an order and you’ll be set without having to endure the queues.

  • Many thanks to you and your team for making our trip to the East Coast States of Malaysia a scenic and memorable one. We appreciate your dedication to ensure that our mission participants' wishes and needs have been catered for. Thank you and best wishes for your future projects.

    Wen Yiing Ho Manager (ASEAN & South Asia), Global Business Division, Singapore Business Federation
  • We just came back from Pulau Perhentian last week and we want to inform you that we had a terrific time there. Both my husband and I went snorkeling and island hopping as part of our stay there. I have never seen such clear waters in our own country. I just want to let you know that we will return to Pulau Perhentian next year to celebrate our second anniversary honeymoon. It was a heavenly choice! Thank you so much!

    Norsafrida Muhamat Customer
  • The trip you have arranged for us to Gold Coast, Australia was surely the best I have experienced so far. Our 6D5N package was not only reasonably priced but my husband thought it was really a value for money destination. The Warner Bros Theme Park was the most exciting and we had a fun time in reliving our childhood experiences again. My husband truly enjoyed his visit to the Ripleys Believe it or Not! Auditorium. Come September again next year, we would like you to suggest a special place like this for our honeymoon adventure. Thanks Fairuz for making things come true for both of us.

    Fazira Ramdan Customer